A letter from the Pastor................

            As we have worked our way through our series on miracles two very important points have been made clear to me. The first is that we must never worship miracles themselves, we must never cling to miracles themselves, we must instead cling to and worship only the miracle worker. If we are right with him he will be right with us and that means he will do whatever needs to be done for us, even if it takes a miracle.

            The second thing that has been made clear to me is we cannot be blessed by miracles until we believe the miracle worker can in fact do miracles. If we believe that miracles do not happen, if we believe that they can be explained away scientifically as rare but natural events or as mere coincidence, then we will never be blessed when a miracle occurs and the fact of the matter is if we believe in miracles we can even be blessed when a miracle occurs in someone else’s life.

            When he was not running around with lions, witches, and cute little furry beavers in a place called Narnia, a very wise man by the name of C.S. Lewis wrote, “Many people think one can decide whether a miracle occurred in the past by examining the evidence “according to the ordinary rules of historical inquiry (science).” But the ordinary rules cannot be worked until we have decided whether miracles are possible, and if so, how probable they are. For if they are impossible, then no amount of historical evidence will convince us. If they are possible but immensely improbable, then only mathematically demonstrative evidence will convince us: and since history never provides that degree of evidence for any event, history can never convince us that a miracle occurred. If, on the other hand, miracles are not intrinsically improbably, then the existing evidence will be sufficient to convince us that quite a number of miracles have occurred.” (Miracles: How God Intervenes in Nature and Human Affairs).            

            What Professor Lewis is saying here is if we don’t believe that there is a God and that same God can do miracles, then there is no way miracles can be proven to us. If on the other hand we believe in God and that he can do miracles, then we don’t need any proof because we accept them by faith. Miracles, even those done to bless others, then become events that encourage and reassure us. The encouragement we receive is that when we come to a point where we need a miracle in our lives, we have the comfort of knowing that God will do what needs to be done for us even if what we need is a miracle. That means life is never hopeless and we are never helpless.
As we begin the Christian season of miracles (Christmas thru Easter) let us do so not only believing in miracles ourselves but sharing the miracle worker with everyone we can. Now is the time for the church of Jesus Christ to go and tell the world all about the miracle worker who came to save us from the fate we deserve by miraculously providing us with a fate we do not deserve, eternal life. This sorry old world needs miracles more now than ever before. It also needs to believe in miracles now more than ever before and as far as I can see it is ready, almost desperate, to believe in miracles now more than ever before. All that is left is for us to go voluntarily and tell them and not wait for the Lord perform a miracle to make us go and tell them.

            May God bless and keep you all as you go and serve him.  Diane and I pray God will bless you with the greatest Thanksgiving celebration you have ever known. By the way, do you think it is a coincidence that thanksgiving comes just before we celebrate the advent of Christ or is turkey day God’s way of preparing us to be truly thankful for the blessings to come? Hmmm.

        Love, Pastor


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